Anti Emetic


Stimulation of gut mobility: Non-ulcer dyspepsia, esophageal reflux, reflux esophagitis and gastritis, diabetic gastric stasis, speeding barium transit in follow through radiological studies. Prevention and symptomatic relief of acute nausea and vomiting from any cause but specifically cytotoxic therapy, radio therapy and anti-parkinsonism therapy, functional dyspepsia.

Dosage & Administration:

Adults: 10 to 20 mg every 4-8 hours daily. Children: 0.2- 0.4 mg/kg body weight every 4-8 hours daily. Domperidone should be taken 15-30 minutes before a meal. For acute nausea and vomiting, maximum period of treatment is 12 weeks. 


Doridon 10 mg Tablet: Each film-coated tablet contains Domperidone BP 10 mg.

Doridon Pediatric Drops: Each ml contains Domperidone BP 5 mg.